Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Challenges: RIP III

Another challenge I've just joined is the Halloween-spirited RIP challenge, that's Readers Imbibing Peril Challenge to you. This challenge focuses on mysterious, scary, gloomy, suspense ridden books: pretty much everything that speaks to the tenor of the Halloween season. There are several different versions, depending on how many books one wants to read. I've chosen Peril the First, in which I'll read four spooky books between now and Halloween.

Part of the fun of this challenge is putting together the list of potential reads. Every participant decides on a pool of books from which he or she will draw. Links to all of the pools are posted on the challenge website.

I've more or less put my pool together, here it is:

Jess Walter- The Zero
Carol Goodman- The Drowning Tree
Joyce Carol Oates- Wild Nights!
Joyce Carol Oates- Bellefleur
Joyce Carol Oates- The Female of the Species
Peter Straub- The Hellfire Club
Patrick Suskind- Perfume
Ruth Rendell- The Crocodile Bird
Ruth Rendell- Vanity Dies Hard
Karen Novak- Five Mile House
Christine Wicker- Lily Dale
Marilyn Johnson- The Dead Beat
Agatha Christie- Peril at End House
Agatha Christie- Curtain
Agatha Christie- And Then There Were None
Agatha Christie- Easy to Kill
Agatha Christie- The Murder at Hazelmoor
Agatha Christie- Evil under the Sun
Patrick McGrath- Asylum
Frank De Felitta- Audrey Rose

So, a combination of fiction and non-fiction, everything from murder mysteries, to psychological horror, to non-fiction books about morbid topics- like a town that talks to the dead. I'm deliciously excited. I could have added more to the list, but decided that this was more than enough- I do only have to pick four, after all.

Interested in joining this challenge? Just click on any of the challenge images, and they'll take you there. Just looking for some great seasonal reads? Click on the pictures- you'll find the list of pools. There's loads of choices. And many thanks to Carl, who's hosting the challenge and made these kick-butt icons.

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Carl V. said...

Thank you so much for joining in! I'm so glad you've chosen to be a part of this. I definitely strive to make it fun for everyone!

Great book pool! Oates writes some amazing short stories. I remember the first story of hers I read was a Christmas short story that just blew me away.

I look forward to your reviews.

And by the way, I love the description in your blog header, very cool!