Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bibliophilic Books Challenge

I love books about books, reading, and writing, so this challenge seemed like a natural. I've got hordes of these books in my home, and hopefully this challenge will get me organized about actually reading them! I'm hemming and hawing right now about which level to join at. My choices are:

Bookworm: Read three books
Litlover: Read six books
Bibliomaniac: Read twelve books

I'm deciding between Bookworm and Litlover right now. I should probably go in at Bookworm, as I can always do more. I'm definitely looking forward to starting. Roll on the New Year!


Lesley said...

Thanks for joining my challenge and yes, you can always change your level of participation. I love how you used the expression 'hemming and hawing' - you don't hear that often enough these days!

Rose City Reader said...

I joined the Bibliophilic Books challenge too. I am excited about it. Here is my sign up post and list of book.

I look forward to seeing what books you pick. Happy reading!