Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review: My Best Friend's Girl

Kamryn Matika spends her 33rd birthday learning that her best friend is dying and wants Kamryn to adopt her daughter. Kamryn has been an avowed singleton ever since her painful breakup with her fiance. Parenting hardly comes naturally to her, and the book follows what happens when she becomes Tegan Brannon's guardian. Along with the expected challenges of managing work and parenting and dealing with a grieving child, Kamryn must try and mend her broken love life. She develops a love-hate relationship with her new boss while trying to avoid her ex-fiance.

This is a book full of damaged people trying to find love. It is also a book full of people mistreating one another. I found some of the relationships difficult to believe. Kamryn and her boss, Luke, were particularly odd. This is a touching story, but it is not always entirely believable.

Dorothy Koomson, My Best Friend's Girl (Bantam, 2006) ISBN: 184632422X

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