Thursday, January 28, 2010

Review: The Pursuit of Other Interests

I'd call this book a beach read, but it was a winter release, so I'll say it's a winter break read instead. This is a light and funny book, one that I would describe as the unisex version of chick lit, to be entirely convoluted. The novel is the story of Charlie Baker, an advertising CEO who loses his job and can't cope with the aftermath. Charlie is the stereotypical workaholic: three hours of sleep per night, little contact with his family, McMansion and SUV. In the wake of being fired Charlie has to try and make sense of his life, and repair his broken relationships with his wife and son. I found this novel to be light and humorous; a touching story that reads easily and quickly. I would certainly not describe this book as a deep statement on human nature or modernity or anything like that, but enjoyable recreational reading nonetheless.

Jim Kokoris, The Pursuit of Other Interests (St. Martins, 2009) ISBN: 0312365489

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