Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: Mini-Shopaholic

I've been reading the Shopaholic series from the beginning. I was a very enthusiastic reader of the first three books, but lately I've been thinking that they're getting a bit stale. I'm afraid that holds true for the latest Shopaholic volume. It's hard to believe that Becky Brandon never learns, but she doesn't. She continues to lie her way into absurd situations, from which she barely escapes. To add to the fun, there's now a new mini-Becky, named, of all things, Minnie. Minnie shares many of her mother's tendencies for impulsive behavior and designer labels. But the traits that make Becky Brandon somewhat dim-witted and charming simply do not translate well to a two-year-old. Minnie Brandon is a brat, and Becky feeds right into it.

I'm starting to think that this series has run its course. Becky Brandon was amusing as a 20-something girl-about-town. As a mother, she's far less charming. Kinsella's writing is still lively and amusing, but would likely be better utilized in other projects.

Sophie Kinsella, Mini-Shopaholic (Dial, 2010) ISBN: 0385342047

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