Sunday, October 10, 2010

Readathon: Memoir Mini-Challenge

I love memoirs, and I really enjoy the genre. Here's my answers.


1. Have you ever read a memoir/true story (Or book 'based on true events'?)
Yes, lots!

2. If so, what was the title/author?
Too many to list here, but some recent memoirs I've read include:
Doris Grumbach, Coming into the End Zone
Jennifer Niven, The Aqua Net Diaries
Wendy Burden, Dead End Gene Pool

3. What what it about?

- Aging, reading and writing
- Surviving high school in a small town
- Growing up in a wealthy but dysfunctional blue-blooded family

4. Did you like it? Would you recommend it?
- Absolutely!
- No
- Yes

5. How many have you read?
- Far too many to count- I read 10-12 memoirs per year

6. Why or what made you want to read it?
I really love memoirs.

7. What was the saddest/scariest one you read?
- The Glass Castle was definitely a rough go.

8. Did it have a 'happy ending'?
Well, sort of, Jeanette Walls has gone on to have a productive and successful adulthood.

9. When choosing a memoir/true story, do you look for a certain kind? ( i.e. historical diary, inspirational like The Freedom Writer's Diary, Christian, non Christian)
I like reflective memoirs, where people reflect on their own experiences.

10. Bonus question(s-it's in parts:) for my giveaway: Have you read 3 or more memoirs/true stories? Title/Author, would you recommend them?If you were to win the giveaway prize, would you want the book, (Sizzling 16 by Janet Evanovich) and would you prefer the coffee or tea? or both?

Here's three more for kicks:
- Miranda Weiss, Tide, Feather, Snow
- Mei-Ling Hopgood, Lucky Girl
- Augusten Burroughs, Running with Scissors

I'd recommend any of them.

If I were to win, I don't need the Evanovich book, but I do love both coffee and tea!


Trish said...

Although the sun has gone to bed
There's still a lot that needs be read
You're doing fine, you're doing great
Did you think you could stay up this late?

Agreed about Jeannette Walls--loved The Glass Castle!

readerbuzz said...

One more hour to go....

Whatever you do, don't lay down now!